Blood Shard Exploit... Blizz Are You Serious?

  • So I've (actually) been enjoying the start of the new Season (never played Season 1 or 2) thinking that Blizz has "fixed" all of the exploits that result in select players getting a monumental advantage.

    Now, I log in to the forums to check things out and I see a Shard Exploit caused by farming high GR40+ hunting Shard Goblins outside of the rift causing people to gain 20K shards.

    I mean... honestly? This is exactly why Seasons is a joke. I gave it a shot this time thinking I'd have fun. Yes, I did have fun... until I heard this.

    When people say "what other players do shouldn't hurt your fun" - you're wrong. Why should I play the game normally when other people take advantage of Blizzard's continuously faulty easily exploited game where they can have an unfair advantage over me if we put in the same amount of effort and hours into playing??

    That's NOT fun when they're geared to the teeth exploiting faulty game loopholes where I play the game the way it's intended and remain light years behind. Here I am farming T3 struggling to gain M6 or UH set while they simply gamble 20k shards in one sitting for a complete set, then ultimately upgrading along the way.

    Once I find the new DML Quiver, I'm done with the Season and done Seasons for good. Blizzard continuously drops the ball when it comes to exploits are inevitably happen. As a customer and a fellow gamer, I'm extremely disappointed.
  • Thanks for the discussions, folks. Locking this one up, though, given the focus more recent posts have taken (i.e. focused on harassing or calling out certain players).