7 Sins Clan - Full House as at 28jan16

  • Hi ANZ,

    We’re a casual clan that enjoys a lot of banter, teasing and laughing, but all in good spirit. That being said, we also have quite a wealth of knowledge within this clan, whether you’re new to the game, back from hiatus, or a veteran, you’ll find a place here.

    Any of these guys can add you to the group. In order of awesomeness:

    The 8th Sin

    [email protected] and their specialties/duties
    AlCol007#6380 - Particular knowledge in Wizardry. Is a noob sometimes, but that's just him :>

    Derf#6334 – The Cache Man. He runs caches all day and shares them with clan. Particularly good if you’re new to the game and need some freebie starter gear. He’s older than the dinosaurs, so speak to him slowly.

    Highlander23#6644 - Hardcore Specialist. Doesnt smoke, drink or swear.....yeah, right??

    Jenny#6968 - Public Relations and Anti Bot Enforcer. Wizard Forum Wh0re.

    NickBaldyM#6414 – Director of Forum Wh0reness. Will probably be the one to add you to clan.

    Hodor#6703 – Hardcore Monk Specialist. Likes b00bs. A lot. I mean A LOT.

    Mugsy#6765 – Director of Forum Wh0reness. The eyes and ears of the ANZ Forum.

    Oakover#6193- Extensive knowledge in mechanics for Monk and DH. Also brought the "numlock" trick to 7S's attention.

    Soul#1481 – Population Manager. Kinda like the hunger games President Snow. Very important as our clan limit is only 150 :<

    WAZZ#6978 – Hardcore Specialist. Covers for any population overflow when Soul is busy. He’s got aids, so no kissing.

    So where the bloody hell are ya? :>

    Cheers C*nt,
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