Micro Transactions, Stash, Stockholm Syndrome and You

  • There was a town in Sweden where bank robbers took some bank customers hostage for 131 hours. By the time they were released, after being rained physical and verbal abuse by their captors, these hostages defended and empathically connected with their oppressors.

    This is exactly what is happening right now with Blizzard, Diablo and the poor abused fans who have been so thoroughly conditioned by Blizzard that stash space is a technically limited scarce commodity that they are now willing to pay for it despite being abused for years with bad game design choices, verbally offensive replies from the head developers and having been charged $100 to partake of this mess.

    I mean seriously people. You really think microtransactions are the answer? For features and game design that should already be in the game given the $100 price of entry?

    Do you really believe that you are gonna fund further development of this game, when 3 years ago the RMAH did the same thing but still gave you the same flawed design and the same slow Soon™ pace of updates?

    Micro transactions are not the answer people. Get that into your heads. Do not support this nonsense.
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