Alienware the cause of 10 FPS?

  • i keep reading info on how alienware (laptops im guessing) are the majority of comps getting the 10 FPS issue. My friend is having this issue on his as am I. I was personally able to fix it by updating IntelĀ® HD Graphics 3000 drivers (still a tiny bit choppy but will now range to 30-40 FPS. My friend however doesnt have this and still has his issue. Im using the Alienware m14x while he has the m15x
  • Tikia ,

    If your Alienware model is one that has the Stealth feature, it's not uncommon to accidentally trigger it which will drastically lower performance. It slows itself down basically to conserve power usage. There's a key on the keyboard used to toggle the mode. I'm pretty sure the M15x has the feature.

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