So you're deleting 20 page long topics again huh?

  • Not that I'm surprised since you did this already several times. Anything unconvenient and it gets deleted.

    Do you think the 20 pages and 300 upvotes get erased like that as well?

    Oh man this company... instead of fixing the problems they rather delete the undesired feedback. Hilarious.

    At least there are still cached versions ;) &cd=1&hl=de&ct=clnk&gl=at
  • The original thread has been restored and can be viewed at its original link. While the OP does violate our posting guidelines, the following conversation is mostly constructive (albeit heavily moderated), so the thread in its entirety should not have been removed. For that I apologize.

    As a general reminder, however: harassing or attacking other posters (be they Blizzard employees or other players) is not okay. Full stop. Doing so will likely lead to your post/thread being locked or removed outright. In some cases, depending on the severity of what's been said, your account may even be penalized. That's not ideal for you or us, so working to be as constructive as possible -- even if you're voicing a dissenting opinion -- is always a good tactic to strive for.

    A good thing to remember when participating in a discussion on these forums is to "attack an idea, not a person." Be passionate, be argumentative, but focus your conversation on ideas, designs, concepts, mechanics, etc. Not people.

    Kyrone, if you'd like to reduce the risk of further critiques requiring such active moderation, I encourage you to remove personal attacks from your arguments. They are not needed for your feedback to be both valid and relevant.