The best part of browsing the forums...

  • watching how many people honestly feel entitled to constant updates, new game mechanics, and additional content...for a game that they don't continue to financially support.

    If you play WoW, you pay monthly, and expecting monthly improvements is valid.

    When you buy Monopoly, you (likely) wouldn't demand that Parker Bros make countless fixes to the game, and then mail you a free updated copy (on a weekly or biweekly basis ideally).

    We live in an entitlement culture, and the sense of entitlement to constant attention from Blizzard, for free, is kinda sickening really.

    I enjoyed D2.

    I enjoy D3.

    Is it perfect? No.

    Do I enjoy it? Yes, but less so as of late.

    The problem with a D3 style game is that without consistent revenue sources to fund it's ongoing development, it stagnates. The difference is, I don't expect Blizzard to hand me new content for free when I get bored. I just go do something else until the next expansion pack is available...which I buy..without complaining, or making a big fuss about.

    Blizz tried a rmah to fund the game's ongoing development. Players revolted (for better or worse).

    I would guess it's a small percentage radicals that dominate the forums, and try to pass themselves as the voice of the masses...but it's really annoying to 'constantly' hear all the complaining and bellyaching bc Blizz can't/won't endlessly improve/feed your gaming addiction for a 1 time fee of $40 (or $20 on black Friday!)


    PS - I like new content/bug fixes/re-balancing as much as the next guy...the difference is that I don't expect's a bonus.

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