New idea to stop spam troll posting.

  • These zero kill accounts flooding the forum with the same junk over and over again needs to stop. You (mods) should set it to where only people who have actually played the game and killed things can post.

    I started keeping count yesterday. There were 52 topics posted since then from zero kill accounts (mostly from Europe I might add) about:

    - PvP
    - Trade
    - How great PoE is

    It's gotten completely and totally out of hand. If they're not going to bother playing the game with the account, they shouldn't be allowed to post about the game on that account.
  • There's no harm in players sharing their concerns or thoughts in these forums, even if they are what you call "zero kill." That's in part what they're here for.

    The only thing we ask of said players is that their complaints and criticisms are voiced respectively and constructively, towards each other and towards Blizzard employees as well. We certainly don't mind the feedback (and, in most situations, openly welcome it), but we do mind harassment, trolling, spamming, and derogatory remarks -- i.e. things that don't serve to build a community, but instead work to tear it down. This applies regardless of how many kills a particular poster has on a particular account.

    Now, we're certainly not infallible, so we're not going to catch every single trolling post or thread out there. The community team will typically moderate everything we see off-hand (as we read through your feedback), and the moderation team will go after content that's been reported to us. That's a pretty wide net, but's not 100% foolproof.

    The best thing I can advise is to report the bad posts that you see; this will ensure it gets brought to a moderator's attention. If you don't report something, I can't guarantee that we'll be in a position to assist.

    Even so, we're always looking for suggestions for improvement, so please feel free to kick off a feedback email to either to :)