(Nearly) Everything that is wrong with Rifts

  • There's something terribly wrong with Rifts. They have been advertised as a randomized dungeon with up to 10 floors. 10 floors? That's amazing compared to the traditional 2 floors from optional dungeons. People thought we would get an amazing dungeon that was worthy of completing.

    What did we get? Up to 10 floors of disappointment. Why is there nothing at the end of Rifts? I am no expert when it comes to designing games, but even as an "average Joe", I know that having a Boss in the middle of the dungeon with absolutely nothing afterward (and also beforehand...) is a terrible design.

    A simple "locked" chest (with reward being proportionate to the number of floor) at the end of a Rift would be a huge step in the right direction. The chest is locked until those 2 conditions (or more) are met: Kill the Rift Guardian. Kill enough monsters in every floor/in all floors combined.

    We could have a Major Boss guarding the chest too, if you are afraid that under-geared people are going to rush for it. It could be an Uber Malthael, Uber Belial, Uber Azmodan or any other bosses that are heavily scripted (you fight them in their respective zone).

    We could have randomized events or cursed events in Rifts (if you are going to force Rift unto us, you should at least make it more randomized than the actual non-rift content...). We could be venturing into a Crypt and then doors close on us. A Jar of Soul spawns and the event (trap) has been proc. You must survive 1-2 minutes against Skeletons (and elite skeletons). It is very possible that the Rift Guardian spawn DURING the event. To make the event more interesting, you should fight the Skeleton King (instead of the traditional elite pack) at the end of the timer. Skeletons (after the timer expire, any new skeleton will not grant XP or loots) will continue to spawn until the Skeleton King is slain.

    How about some REAL unexpected surprises? Why not some ambushes?

    Imagine you are walking through a dungeon. You are slaying mobs, as usual, then something unexpected happens (please, no obvious signs or it's not a surprise). The Siege Breaker charges right at you (literally). Demonic Hellbearer crawls out and start spiting Demon Troopers. Demon Flyers start flying down. The area behind you is now blocked until you kill the Siege Breaker.

    What other surprises could we have? Well, it could be a simple "White Grotesque" may explode and spawn a champion pack of electric eel/Imp. It could be that the corpse you tried to loot turns into a boss. It could be a haunted chest which spawns an elite pack of ghosts. Go crazy. Add plenty of surprises. You should deliberately try to take us out of our comfort zone.

    In short, put random events and cursed events. You can even add some twists into them (Skeleton King into Jar of Soul for instance). Those "up to 10 floors" should be filled with content and surprises, not just some generic mobs. We should be on an adventure where every corner can surprise us.

    If you make Rifts a truly randomized experience, people would gladly ditch non-rift content, forever. At the moment, Rifts are not really random...


    1) Add a locked chest at the end of the Rift
    2) Add a major boss at the end of the Rift
    3) Add content to Rift (random events + cursed events + other things)
    4) Add new twist to the existing events (go crazy and design those events to kill us)
    5) Ambushes!
  • I love seeing imaginations run rampant in these kinds of threads. It always makes for a great read from passionate people!

    Some really cool ideas in here. I'd love to see some of these ideas further explored. Here's a few questions you can ask:

    • How would it change your gameplay experience if some of these ideas were implemented?
    • Would you prefer to see more bulk added to existing features or new features with some of these twists?
    • Why do you prefer that method?