"500 Bloodshards" no longer *FEELS* rewarding

  • My usual sittings would involve playing rifts until capping 500 blood shards and them gambling for the piece of gear I am after. Even though Kadala rarely gave me what I was after, it still FELT rewarding, because of the quantity of tries -- 5 blood shards per gamble. Ironically, by removing the need to go to the blacksmith more (a "quality of life" change I have never seen anyone ask for), and making it so that 500 blood shards no longer even fills my bag, I have to say it feels incredibly less rewarding.

    I realize legendary rates were increased. But the perception of reward is way off now. I no longer feel good about running rifts to cap 500 blood shards, because 500 shards gets me five times fewer gambles. It feels like a waste of time. And when those 5 times fewer gambles yield no legendaries, it feels FIVE TIMES more punishing than it did before.

    I actually didn't mind having to go to the blacksmith (A1 Kadala is 2 steps from it), and I felt satisfaction by clicking "salvage all" to a full bag of gear, gaining a good amount of crafting mats.

    I highly suggest this change be reconsidered.
  • Hey guys, just wanted to jump in to say this thread has some very solid feedback (from all sides of the discussion).

    We've been watching the topic of Kadala's reward rate for some time, and how people feel about it after the recent patch (and the hotfix to crafting materials). While we have our own data on how frequently players are getting certain items, seeing these discussions gives us valuable insight into how you all feel about certain changes (which isn't something we can get easily from our data).

    I'll be passing this feedback to the dev team. Again, thanks for keeping the discussion constructive!