[Xbox One | 2.1] Inventory not saving changes

  • So I was happy to play patch 2.1.0, got myself a hellfire amulet and after some more gaming I quitted the game (through the menu, so not going back to dashboard). After returning to the game, my whole inventory was back to the state before my latest playthrough - hellfire amulet was gone and the amulet my character had before was there.

    I tested it further, since 2.1.0 it's not saving changes to the items my character is wearing, the things in the inventory and the distribution of the paragon skill points. Everything else is as it should be: The chest, paragon level, etc.

    So what happened to my savegame? I deleted the local save and got the one from the cloud back, but that did not solve the issue. So what now, Blizzard?
  • For those of you who can 100% reproduce the issue with a given character, if you quit out to the Main Menu (by pressing the Menu button and selecting Quit), and then go back into game, have you lost anything?
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