Patch Notes for 2.1.0

  • Is there a detail Patch Notes for 2.1.0 console version?
    Like the PC version, they have the detail changes for each classes.

    Is there a separate patch notes for console? Or PC and console share the same one?
  • Patch 2.1.0 for Ultimate Evil Edition captures most of the updates that were included in the PC 2.1.0 patch, which effect changes that the console supports. One particular difference would regard Seasons which are not included in the 2.1.0 console patch.

    Edit: As Indhy pointed out, the fifth stash space did not make the translation. Console stash is a bit different from its PC counterpart as some item stacks go up to 1000 on console and items only ever take up one slot, unlike PC.
  • Some additional clarifications:

    10/07/2014 08:56 PMPosted by Ultros
    What about Kadala? I thought she would be overhauled?

    No changes were made to the prices or drop rates of items. She did receive a shorter purchase timer cooldown though.

    10/07/2014 09:00 PMPosted by Tybudd
    I know we don't get seasons, which is fine, but what about the Seasonal weapons, will we ever be able to get those??

    So far, the only information we’ve offered is that the Seasonal Legendaries were not included with the 2.1.0 patch for Ultimate Evil Edition. You can be sure that as information about subsequent patches becomes available we’ll do our best to share that with you as soon as we are able.

    10/08/2014 02:13 AMPosted by homerjnick
    Is there any reason why we did not get all the further updates that the PC got after 2.1? Are these minor hotfixes coming?

    It’s our intention to continue to iterate on the console version as updates become available in the PC version. With that said, not all changes may make that transition, as was the case with Seasons or the Leaderboards. Although it’s our intention to bring appropriate updates over, there may be some delay between when updates are delivered for PC and when they are offered to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

    10/08/2014 05:55 AMPosted by BREVITY
    So didnt 2.1 include the ability to compare socketed gemmed items with none sucketed gemmed items? How is this done on the consoles?

    The “Compare without sockets” feature did not make it into 2.1 for Console.