ERROR : Streaming Failure: Diablo III was unable to...

  • I cant start diablo III. when i hit the big blue play button from within the launcher the Diablo III icon pops on screen as if the game is about to launch and then it times out and a error box opens with the following "Streaming Failure: Diablo III was unable to initialize a streaming connections, which is required to download patch and repair files. Please check your connections settings. Now my internet connection is fine, I don't understand this issue. Please advise
  • Ânubîs,

    There's a few things that could cause this.

    If you use a software firewall or an antivirus app, you can see if you have the game's executable files excluded from restrictions or scans.

    You can also make sure Internal-TechForum&utm_medium=Posting &utm_campaign=BlizzardCS&utm_content=093014" class="bml-link-url2">proxies aren't in use</a> and that your Internet Explorer is not set to work offline.

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