I want to offer a sincere apology.

  • A couple of nights ago I created a topic about horrible leg drops and went on a bit of a rant. That was done after a hell of a long, frustrating day.

    There is a fundamental thing that we all seem to forget and that this is a video game and should be enjoyed. Of course we all love when we are getting good leg drops or even when we are getting insta-melt drops because those beams still give us joy. Last night I went back into the game with a different attitude to just sit back and enjoy the game regardless of drops and I had a blast. I took the pressure off of finding a specific item and just rolled with it.

    I remember as a child popping down in front of my Atari and just enjoying the experience even playing a game called “fishing” where all you literally did was drop a line up and down and catch fish. There were no bosses, no gear, no PvP and no point to it really but it was a game and I just enjoyed it. I know that it can be frustrating when you really want to try out a build or get an item that will help you go further in the game and it will not drop. The second an attitude changes from getting frustrated for hours because you are not getting what you want and shifts into just enjoying the game then things start working out for the better.

    There has never been a night that I played the game totally frustrated and got anything I was looking for. When the attitude changes and becomes more positive it seems that things start going your way. Every single time I just sit back, relax, enjoy the game, take in the artwork, enjoy mowing down hordes of demons and take it all in as just enjoyment...things just start working out.

    Somewhere in the cosmic binary there is a line of code that rewards positive thinking with positive results. Did I get awesome drops last night? I played for 3 hours and for 2 ½ hours there was nothing but I didn't care because I was just having a good time and then right at the end I got an item that made my build 99% complete.

    Anyway, I just thought I would throw all of that out there and an apology. I won't be coming to the forums after a messed up day, and a few drinks, to rant.
  • You make some good points, Merc13. Diablo III is indeed a loot based game, so we want people to be looking forward to getting their next piece of gear (and having fun). If players aren't having fun, we definitely want to know about it.

    That said, it’s also easy to worry so much about when your next piece of gear will drop that you don’t stop to enjoy the scenery, the music, or even the sight of monster guts splattered all over the landscape. When you relax and enjoy yourself, it can definitely make a huge difference on your game!