Name your single biggest issue with Diablo right now

  • in its current state. With enough responses this thread will provide a pretty good insight into players general opinions and what needs changing the most (or at least I hope)

    For me the biggest issue atm is rift density and RNG with Greater Rifts being too high. Having one map with a very low density of Act 5 monsters vs for example the cemetery map with extremely high density of Act 1 monsters is too big of a difference. There needs to be a much smaller gap between the variants of rifts so that obtaining better times in greater and normal rifts is not just down to bad luck. A lot of the Act 4/5 monsters are also not giving enough XP for how difficult they are to take down. Mobs that can wipe out entire armies of pets or can reduce incoming damage significantly sometimes give no more XP than really basic monsters that stand still and auto attack.

    Solution: Buff density of monsters in rifts and reduce the outlier monsters that are overpowered in relation to their XP/rift progress reward

    What's yours?
  • Thanks for the feedback, all. And for keeping the discussion constructive. There's some great stuff in this thread, and we'll make sure it gets passed on to the appropriate teams. :)