[BUG] Can't force VSync externally

  • MrH
    If I enable VSync in-game I get stuttering, but if I disable it in-game and force it on via Nvidia Inspector it works great, the problem I'm having is this no longer works after the 2.01 patch, and it didn't work on the PTR either (I reported it then as well). I can force custom AA, AF and AO but VSync refuses to be forced on using Nvidia Inspector. Please pass this along so it can be fixed.

    Update: You can't externally force VSync using any application, the game refuses to recognize the command. Nvidia Inspector, Nvidia Control Panel, ATI Control Panel and D3DOverider have all been tested. This is a major problem for people with 120/144Hz monitors as this was the only workaround for them, it also affects everyone else as the in-game VSync option causes stutter and general performance degradation.
  • SethyrITA,

    08/30/2014 10:43 AMPosted by SethyrITA
    How is it that for some people (same driver/video card) it works and for some it doesn't??!?!?

    Good question....

    I've asked our game engineers to take a look. It may take a while before I hear anything back though.

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