*UPDATED* (2.1/PTR) Build & Weapon Testing

  • Hi All. Thought I'd take an in-depth look at the changes to M6 DH. I used campaign mode to access T6 Ghom and Maltheal and Azmodan for test purposes. I also did some T6 regular rifts in adventure mode for some of the builds. Focus & Restraint do NOT work with sentry shots other than the chain of torment rune, sadly. This was easy to ascertain and a decent SoJ/Unity will add nearly 50% damage overall anyways, so even if they DID work - the rolls would need to be exceptional.

    I'll start by saying that my tests pertain to FIRE and COLD and LIGHTNING build comparisons and Calamity/Slayer, Calamity/Bombadiers, Hellrack and Kridershot weapons with Bombadiers also. I just don't have a phys set and my fire and lightning SoJs are VERY difficult to replace without a substantial DPS loss, so I didn't try phys.

    At the 1.74 BP using cold SoJ and Unity and also at the 2.16 BP using RoRG and Taskers. Bombadier quiver was used.
    This was the build I wanted to work most when I saw the sentry attack speed fix for EA/Chakrams. I have a perfect cold/Dex/100/10 amulet I'd been saving for this FA spam build.I'm sad to report however, that it was pretty slow, especially in tight areas. yes, CTW DOES benefit sentries now, and granted that in open fields and larger areas, the AOE is cool to see, also the slow effect to some degree too.

    BUT, the damage is frankly horrible. It took so many shots, even with me spamming FA myself just to down trash in a T6 rift. I tested this briefly yesterday and in far more depth today - and it confirmed to me that this is a fun but slow build, and even the CC isn't that great compared to lightning which kills faster and has more CC too! The cold CA in particular - was very unimpressive.The different breakpoints did very little to change my impression. /Sadface : - (


    The new Polar Sentry with it's 16 yard radius of AOE that slows mobs, has 2 benefits. 1) It procs Frostburn Gauntlet's freeze effect. 2) The slow/snare procs the passive 'Cull the Weak', for an added 20% damage. This was tested in a level 35 G rift and it works very well indeed.

    Also worthy of note - Cerealguy has cleared a 35 G rift using a PURELY cold build, whereas I stayed fire gear and skills but simply used CtW and Polar Sentry - so more testing is required here...
  • These test result posts are among the most valuable kinds of feedback we can get. We’re continuing to compile the feedback we’re receiving, and I would encourage everyone who is participating to be sure to leave feedback in the PTR Feedback forum as well. Thanks, all!