Demon Hunter is in ruins and severely lacks DPS

  • I know this patch has added a lot of damage buff to the hatred spenders, but they are just numbers. We need more changes on the concept of each skill. The way skills deal their damage need to be reconsidered. Two major problems I see with the current design, which is far from the original that I liked involves

    The removal of the currency trade between Hatred vs Discipline

    The addition of cooldown (cd) based skills
    ... and the need to have cooldown reduction (cdr)

    The DHs lack DPS...
    The Embodiment of the Marauder 6pc (also known as M6) is an excellent example why the Demon Hunter has the worst damage output in this game. Each sentry that is summoned on the screen will deal 100% or more of the player’s dps. The number of sentries summoned = the number of DH needed to complete that kill. If it takes 2-3 sentries and you (or yours pets - why? some people don’t even *attack*) to kill a RG in T6 that is the same as saying you need 3-4 DH in a solo game to perform what others can do alone.

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    Part A: Redesign Channeling Skills for BETTER Outputs

    Part B: Redesign Spike Trap to Deal Deadly Damage

    Part C: Set Items that Don’t Support the Class

    Part D: More… feedback and wish list
  • There is a lot of thoughtful discussion in this thread, and a lot of it (but not all) is about Demon Hunter resource management. I wanted to stop by to encourage this conversation to continue, and let all of you know that we've been paying attention to your feedback.

    As new builds are pushed to the PTR there will be more to talk about, and I hope that these conversations keep going as throughout that process. Thanks for your feedback, everyone, and we look forward to reading more!