Ways to scale GRIFTS without flat HP/DMG increases

  • Hi, lots of people are annoyed by the rather uninspired "moreHP, more damage" style of scaling the greater rifts have at the harder levels. People are suggesting here and there other ways it would be possible to scale the difficulty of the greater rifts without simply making things live longer and hit harder.

    Lets make a compilation of these ideas here, so that after the weekend, Vaneras has a nice easy link to give to the 'higher ups' with any/all of the good alternatives. Nobody wants trillion HP rift guardians. It will also make the repeat grind somewhat tedious when it is literally just "more of the same".

    Sooo. Pop your ideas into the thread, I'll try to edit them into the OP.

    So far:

    1) Increase mobs mitigation
    2) Populate the rift more densely and require more mobs to be killed in the same amount of time;
    3) Make the rifts larger with the same density but *still* require more mobs killed in the same amount of time;
    4) Increased the base movement speed of the mobs,
    5) Increased the base attack speed of mobs;
    6) Given extra affixes to elite and champion packs (5 affix horde mobs anyone?),
    7) Given white mobs affixes,
    8) Used a more deadly combinations of mobs (no more act1 zombie dreams or stygian crawlers),
    9) Make a more hostile environment to rift in (random arcane sentries just popping up),
    10) Increase the duration of mob crowd control effects on the player
    11) Player death results in the closing of the rift
    12) Give mobs (white, elite or champion) boss abilities, like sandstorm, locusts, summoning adds
    13) Increase the ratio of white mobs: elite packs so eventually you're facing an epilepsy inducing sea of pulsing blue and golden demons
    14) Super-rares or even act bosses midway through the rift

    So please, let's hear all your ideas so that with a grain of luck we won't end up with hurr durr "And then it goes up by another 10%" style difficulty curves. That would be dull. It might well be what we're getting; but I don't think Blizz really want trillion HP mobs in the game either, it screws with their code and you end up spawning mobs with a bigger HP pool than they can actually have max health (so they start with fractions of their max HP)...

    Your turn :)
  • Thanks everybody for the solid feedback you have given so far. This is an interesting thread for sure, so I hope people will continue to share their thoughts on the difficulty scaling in Greater Rifts.

    06/07/2014 15:40Posted by Aeneas
    Lets make a compilation of these ideas here, so that after the weekend, Vaneras has a nice easy link

    I love nice and easy links indeed... especially if they are full of juicy feedback ;-)