Need help installing RoS on a second computer

  • Right now I have D3 RoS installed on my Win7 Desktop. I am going away for a month and I am bringing a Mac laptop (obviously leaving my desktop home). I was wondering what problems I may encounter trying to install RoS on the Mac after I uninstall from my desktop. I have the digital copy of RoS on my BNET account so I don't need any discs.

    Also I am aware Mac users run into problems playing D3:RoS because of the MacOS, I am not worried about these problems right now, all I need to know is how to install my digital copy onto the mac after uninstalling it from desktop.
  • Shibley,

    There's no need to uninstall the game from your desktop first unless you just don't want it there anymore. Installing it on your Mac shouldn't present you with any problems as long as your hardware/OS meet the requirements.

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