New MVP - Hal8999

  • Hey everybody,

    I am happy to announce that we will be welcoming a new member into our Most Valuable Poster program today: hal8999

    If you have visited the Diablo III Tech Support forum you may have come across some of his posts. He has proven to be a quite friendly and a very helpful player, and because of that we have asked him to continue to do what he's been doing, but with green text.

    Welcome, Hal8999!
  • Glad to have you, hal8999! Welcome to the program!
  • Congrats, Hal! Can I call you Hal? Welcome! :)
  • The precursor to Hal9000! Woot! Welcome, hal8999!
  • Great to have you, Hal! This mission is too important to let any one else jeopardize it.