Frozen Pulse.. too OP?

  • Apparently, Frozen Pulse is the only affix that does not get reduced by elite damage reduction. Well, not only, the molten explosion doesn't, either.

    I have 23.5% elite damage reduction and I solo on T5 without unity (because I just can't sacrifice rorg/soj right now), and Frozen Pulse is the thing that kills me consistently. Either directly, or the result of it taking off so much damage with each pulse.

    If it has Frozen Pulse, I will most likely die, because it's really hard to see it initially - and when you do, it's basically too late. I never die otherwise, unless I'm just being lazy/stupid.

    Also, it would be nice if all elite affixes consistently got mitigated by ranged/melee reduce, as some of them are reduced - while some are being ignored:
  • Frozen Pulse can be tricky for several reasons as was already stated in this thread. However, it is possible that there is some sort of bug happening as well. I haven't seen too many discussions about it, but this isn't the first one I've seen. I'll see what I can find out, though, and thanks for the reports!