Profanity in Clan Chat - What's Your View?

  • So I just had 4 clan members leave the MOO clan because I politely asked them to watch their language in clan chat.

    Am I being too strict to try to keep the clan chat free from 'F' bombs?

    Bear in mind we have some teen members, and I try to adopt a flexible policy and allow words like piss and sh1t, etc, though I do not particularly like to see them, but I felt a line had to be drawn with use of the 'F' word.

    So I'd like to ask you fellow D3 players, should there be moderation of clan chat and was I right or wrong in your view to ask players to avoid dropping F bombs in chat?

    Is this a matter of principle and standards, or am i just old fashioned?

    EDIT - Many are mentioning the profanity filter, but he filter actually blocks far far more words than just profane ones, thus being largely unusable as you often can't read what transpire to be perfectly acceptable words.
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