[Improvement] Rifts - Leaderboard

  • Bux

    I mostly play to Diablo III with friends and we all agreed, that there is a huge lack of competition in this game.

    We used to compare it to Starcraft II, and we were wondering why not implement a simple leader-board at the end of a rift ? Think about it, what is fun is Starcraft II is to compare your performance to your opponent(s) / friend(s), so why not in Diablo III ?

    Format of the table:

      1 row per player1 column per topic

    Content of the table (topic):

      Damage: Damage dealt, Damage received, Damage dealt to Elite, Damage received from Elite, Damage preventedMonster: Monster killed, Elite killed, Death, Average time per elite, Total Health of mobsItems: Number of legendaries / set / rare / magic looted. Number of chest open (dead bodies, rack, etc ...). Numbers of wreckables objects destroyed.Skills: %damage add, life healed, Crowd control, Disable

    How does the leaderboard looks like ?

      A draft is available here: http://goo.gl/IkCWLm

      This draft is updated often, with the gathered ideas. If you don't want to read all the thread, going trough this sheet will give you a nice overview :)


      Friendly rivalry: who is the leech ? who really out-DPS the other one ? well, we'll have finally the answer :)Promote support: Some interesting stats about support, could highlight how important such character are. So ideally offensive stats should have their counter part as support stats, and weighted the same in the global score. e.g. dmg dealt vs dmg receivedImprove skills selection: I think it will help a lot the players to improve their build. For instance, let's take two monks with similar items / dps / toughness but different spells. At then end of the rift, they can easily compare effectiveness of their run: 'We receive same amount of damage, but I was killed thrice time more than you, maybe this skill is so good as I tought, and I will give your build a try' or something like that ? Improve gear selection: this will help a lot, when creating / hesitating for a elemental build ...Improve follower: This can be interesting to see, how helpfull is your follower when soloing.Game experience: With something like this at the end of each rift, I think this can add a nice experience for players in a group, or even in solo.


      Whine: it might just open an easy road for people who likes to whine about how weak a given class is...Weakness feelings: it might also very be, that some players in pub, feels weak in comparison to others, and therefore decide to change to another game... A suggested solution will be to enable this leaderboard only between friends / clan, or disable the leaderboard in public if one player do not want to show his stats (then only a solo leaderboard is shown).

    Of course the table is prone to improvements, so I'm really looking forwards for some feedbacks here :)

  • This is a very nice thread and I would love to hear your feedback on such 'leaderboards'. Right now I can see some options there that seem like a summary of a 'Rift run' as well.
    With tiered Rifts and Seasons slated for patch 2.1- it would be great if you could share how you feel about potential rivalry in Rifts with those features in place and how would you see the 'leaderboards concept' taking these 2 features into account.

    Apart from Diablo ladders I have also played a lot of StarCraft II and even Brood War back in the days and personally cannot wait to see how seasons/ladders will work out in Diablo III - there is definitely great potential for fun there if competition is your thing!

    We're happy to see that you like Rifts and are interested in ways to make them even more entertaining in a competitive way!