wings on console- blue please

  • I would like to know will there be any wings available on console.To be honest i thing the wings are the reason most people bought the game on PC so early.
  • We agree that any details about possible console pre-order bonuses are good to share as early as possible, but we don't have any information to share about it just yet. But you can bet we'll be sure to let you know as soon as we're able!
  • I should clarify something about the Wings of Valor in particular while we’re on the subject, though. The Wings of Valor were a PC-exclusive pre-order item for Reaper of Souls (for players who picked up the expansion prior to a specific date), and will not be available to those who purchase Ultimate Evil Edition. However, I left out some important information about console pre-orders for Ultimate Evil Edition in my previous post, and I want to address that now. So, sorry about the hiccup!

    Players who pre-order the Ultimate Evil Edition will receive the Infernal Pauldrons. These shoulders will boost your Vitality, Life per Second, and Cooldown Reduction, and persist even after you find an upgrade as a sweet Transmogrification option. If you want to read a little more about the Ultimate Evil Edition, take a look at the Infernal Pauldrons, find a retailer to pre-order, then feel free to check out the link to the Ultimate Evil Edition street date announcement. Pre-ordering will also provide you with the Spectral Hound minion and Reaper of Souls-themed transmog plans (which include three helm appearances and seven weapon appearances).

    As I noted earlier, though, there are still some bonus trinkets we have yet to reveal for Ultimate Evil Edition. I hear that E3 is next week; you may want to tune in. ;)
  • Wait, did you just mix up console and PC pre-order content? <_<"

    A good question, but we didn't mix them up. :) The Spectral Hound and Reaper of Souls-themed transmog plans were included in the Reaper of Souls Digital Deluxe package, but were not exclusive pre-order items.

    For Ultimate Evil Edition, these items will be offered as pre-order bonuses for all console platforms (in addition to the Infernal Pauldrons).
  • 06/04/2014 05:29 AMPosted by Neese
    So potentially dumb question, these will only be available to the console, correct? So if I buy Ultimate Evil Edition for my PS3, I cannot use a code to get the xmog/item on the PC?

    Correct, any pre-order bonuses you get from Ultimate Evil Edition will not transfer to PC version.