How do my fellow d3 players deal with wrist pain?

  • I graduated from school and got a full time job. I'm in front of a computer all day writing software, after that I usually come home and play a lil d3. Since starting the job my wrist has started to feel weaker and hurts when playing d3. It's been like this for a month. Will my wrist just learn to deal with it? Or is there anything I can buy that anyone else has used that has helped them? Thanks for any advice.I can't imagine what the wrists of those pro LOL players go through...8-10 hours a day of intense LOL wrist action.
  • I get wrist pain for different reasons (I have extremely tiny hands, and a lot of peripherals don't suit me very well as a result), but I can offer some of the tips I use. Bear in mind that if you're experiencing extreme or frequent pain, you might want to visit your doctor. I'm not a healthcare professional, andt hey can certainly offer some tips or exercises better than I can!

    05/30/2014 03:23 PMPosted by Sarasvati
    Rest your wrist and twist it around (part of stretching exercise) for at least 5 mins every hour. Have your table and seat to a height that allows your right arm to be even with the table when relaxed. Use a padded mousepad (or wrist rest or whatever you call it). If you don't have a padded mousepad, put a cloth or something around the area where your wrist is to absorb the pressure.

    All great suggestions. Exercise is very important in general, as well as for specifically keeping your wrists strong and avoiding stiffness from extended play or work. I have a stress reliever on my desk, and I use it for about 5 minutes or so a day to stretch out my muscles. Simply rotating your wrist or making/releasing a fist shape with your hand a few times helps too!

    I also have a specialized mouse. I've found an ambidextrous mouse works the best for me, because it's symmetrical and it's less of a reach for certain buttons. Changing some of my hotkeys around (specifically Force Stand Still) helped immensely as well, since holding Shift down for extended periods cramped my hand. It's much less stressful to reach with my thumb than my pinky!