1.0.5 Patch Killed Exploding Palm for Monks

  • Something people might not have noticed, as exploding palm is not a commonly used skill even after it was buffed a few patches ago. However, I have been using it for fun and it's been quite useful against large patch of mobs and it does decent damage.

    With the introduction of Monster Power, I was able to do Monster Power 5 only with small problems from time to time. As I was trying to figure out new builds, I was able to find out that Exploding Palm is completely useless now. At low Monster Power level, you don't really need the skill. At higher monster power level, I was enjoying the great damage from explosion when mobs die. As I approach elite mob with damage reflect affix, that's where the skill is broken. As all of you might have noticed already, damage reflect made the fight more difficult. I was able to sustain my hp at a reasonable level with my cool downs such as serenity and heal. When I swap out heal for exploding palm, upon the death of one of the elite, exploding palm triggers, effective deals 30% of the HP as damage to the other 2 elites, and effectively INSTANTLY killed me. I've tried it many times, and everytime I face damage reflect mob, exploding palm killed me as the elite explode and deal damage to other damage reflect elites.

    I appreciate that blizzard buffed exploding palm and I have been using it more often than I used to, now I am just going to completely forget about it as the chance of seeing damage reflect mob is high and I almost always die against them if I use exploding palm. Not to mention it's hard to target the right mob that I want within the pack of mobs surrounding me. Unless blizzard do something about exploding palm, the usability of this skill has just decreased.......
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