This drop rate feels a little more natural to be honest

  • I haven't even gotten that many legs, however....I think for how many crap items we get in general, that this drop rate isnt to far fetched to be as a norm.

    Just my personal opinion.
  • This thread is a great example of this ongoing debate. I’ve been enjoying all of the responses I’ve been reading here, and in the other threads, too. Thanks for working to keep it constructive. :)

    Out of sheer, goat-like curiosity, I’d like to gather specific feedback by asking some targeted questions. Please feel to chime in (and, if you can, indulge us with a bit more than a simple “yes” or “no” in response)!

    • What specifically is it about the anniversary buff's increased drop rate that feels good?
    • What are you doing with the extra items you find?
      • Are you finding more upgrades?
      • Are you Enchanting more frequently?
      • Are you crafting more?

    • Has the buff had any downsides or negative effects for you personally? If yes, what are they?
    • What game mode and difficulty level have you been playing on?