Are game specific loot tables real?

  • I know that these theories about pre-determined loot tables are a popular thought among some players, and I can definitely understand why that is. However, loot is not pre-determined, and there isn't any benefit to adjusting your game habits based on that pretense.

    There have been theories about how loot is created for a long time, but Lylirra recently posted on the subject with some good information about how and when items are generated.

    04/29/2014 05:48 PMPosted by Lylirra
    For clarity, items and their stats are determined at the time that they're generated in the game world. In most situations, this is when the item physically drops (like from a monster, a chest, or a destructible). In cases where there isn't a physical drop, items and their stats are determined as soon the game creates them. For example, items from Kadala are generated as soon as they're purchased. Item types, stats, drops rates, etc. are not determined, or pre-determined, upon creation of a character nor is that kind of information stored in some sort of seed on the character itself.
  • Okie doke. Locking this one down. :) Thanks for the discussion!