Anniversary buff ninja nerfed?

  • I haven't posted in a long time on these forums, however, I have been reading that people are not seeing the full effect of the buff as they did the first day. I'm here to say the same thing.

    Background: 3 of us play an average of 2-3 hours a day, sometimes more at various hours.

    We usually average about 1-2 legs per rift between the 3 of us, sometimes we don't get any and mind you, we stop after we kill the rift boss. At the end of each game we post what we got and see anyone wants something.

    My very first game on Thursday morning, I received 1 set item drop and 4 legs, awesome, the buff is working (I still stop at the rift boss). The next games I averaged about 2-3 legs (some good, some not so good). Thursday night 3 of us play and the "buff" can be noticed. Come Friday, I noticed the drops were lower, okay no big deal, RNG. Come the weekend its just like it was before the "buff" for the 3 of us and we even clear the entire rift now.

    Something was changed, and it was noticed, but Blizzard fails to inform us.

    If it was changed, I think they should just be clear about it and move on instead of being quiet about it as its pretty obvious that the buff is either not working, or ninja nerfed.

    Its not a coincidence that a lot of people are reporting the experiences.
  • We haven't made any adjustments to the anniversary buff since it started, but I certainly know it can feel otherwise when you're on a streak of bad luck, though. I'm going to lock this thread to help prevent the spread of misinformation, and thank you for your understanding.