not fair at all

  • the xxx player killed the yyy elite should go to the player who did most damage..not to the player who came out of nowhere and did the last hit for 1 hp.. it gives the felling of that he did the most damage and it is plain BS.

    for example in elite packs or guardians playing with other WDs.. im a pet doctor.. and they are mostly jade.. i can get down the elites or the guardian for 70 to 85% of the hp and then they com with the nonsense soul harvest and get the kill for them when clearly i did most damage.. so why reward this kind of behavior???.. announce MUST go to who did MOST damage
  • It's easy to lose track of a member of a pack in the middle of combat, so the chat message regarding when a player kills a champion or elite is only meant to let you know that the pack is dead. There's no particular benefit to being the player mentioned in the message, though.