loot buff and why it should be removed.

  • ok. so first i thought double drop rates again. WOOHOO YEAH! no...

    plain and simple. no.

    Let me ask you personally, have you recieved upgrades of 10% or higher with this buff? if so how many. i have 438 souls since the buff. the 3 items i kept were fate of the fell *socket, 2700 dps, str and life per wrath* trifecta 635 str magefist, RoRG life regen, lph, atk speed main stat. sorry and i gave one helm of akkhan away.

    so roughly 441 souls minus 34 minus about 70 to 100 souls from rift guardians.

    The rest of the loot was utter crap.

    We do not need increased droprates. We need better legendaries.... not trash that spawns with no main stat and 420 vit, life regen, a skill we will never use and 1 socket.

    If you think buffing droprates is a good thing, i'm sorry you are sorely mistaken. buffing is a bandaid fix and needs to be removed and loot needs to be reworked again.

    if i don't get a item with main stat it's usually soul'd. Fix this, then you won't have a problem with droprates. Infact, you could lower drop rates even more.

    The most welcoming thing i've seen is the change to kadala, she now gives torment legs. This was sorely needed.
  • Folks, I locked the thread up because there's several personal comments in here that are less than flattering. Please take care when replying to a post to be sure to respond in ways that are civil and constructive. Thank you!