Elite ground attacks ninja-buffed to majorly OP

  • Go near a Plagued or Desecrator pool and barely touch it, your hit points will drop faster than Hogan's wrecking ball in custard.

    I was gonna say we need to be informed of these changes, but considering that idiotic decisions are never admitted by Blizzard.......here we go again.
  • Wyatt just mentioned this in the anniversary Twitch stream, actually. Some of the ground effects are doing too much damage currently, and we intend to tone them down. We don't have an ETA to share yet, but we'll let you know as soon as we do.
  • I have a little more information to share with all of you about this, so here we go. :) Plagued was doing higher damage than we intended, and we found the error. The good news is that it was something that could be addressed in a hotfix, and we implemented that fix last night. So, at this time you should no longer be experiencing extra deadly plague pools, but your regularly scheduled deadly plague pools instead.

    Enjoy the anniversary buff while it's here, everyone, and good hunting!