Updated Forum Structure

  • Hi everyone!

    Now that Reaper of Souls has been released, we’re revising our forum structure to better reflect the current state of Diablo III. We’re combining some sub-forums and renaming others. Here’s a list of the changes:

    • Looking for Players is now Clans, Communities, and Friends:

        This will still be the place to go if you’re looking for heroes to play and slay with, but it’s now also open for Clans and Communities to find new members.

    • Trading (Normal) and Trading (Hardcore) are being combined into Trading:

        Looking for a particular item? You can ask someone else here if they have a spare they‘re willing to trade.

    • Crafting and Artisans and Items are being combined into Crafting and Items:

        We felt that separating these two sub-forums split the discussion about itemization. The new Crafting and Items forum will be there for all your threads regarding items: from how they look and feel, to how they’re crafted or found!

    • Quests is now Quests and Achievements:

        This sub-forum is still where you can go to discuss quests, and now we’re opening it up to discussions on achievements as well.

    • Lore and Story and Followers are being combined into Lore and Characters:

        We’ll be focussing on Diablo lore and story discussions in this new hub.

    The new sub-forums are already in place, so feel free to start filling them with awesome content!

    Edit: Minor correction to a forum name.
  • 24/04/2014 10:32Posted by Kluez
    Have you transferred the forum topics accordingly?

    I just moved the thread to "Crafting and Items", thank you for pointing it out!

    We'll go through the now "Read only"-forums today and try to move active discussions to the newly created, merged forums. The retired ones will remain read-only for a while and if there is a discussion that you'd like to continue and that we haven't moved by late afternoon, please let us know and we'll have a look. =)