Rift Guardian drops 0 items, 0 shards, 0 gold, 0 etc.

  • I have recently run into some bad luck, maybe? And no, it isn't that the guardian doesn't drop a legendary or what have you, it is that he doesn't drop anything at all! The whole mechanic of needing to be within 1 screen away is ridiculous and very frustrating.

    I understand that the way they have it now is to prevent people in town getting drops or leeches standing too far back out of danger, but this is ridiculous and has happened to me 3 times now.

    - Run with the group the entire rift from 0% to 95%+
    - "OOO, look there a conduit pylon!"
    - Time to go for it so we can have an easy win!
    - group continues running and I hit the pylon
    - rift guardian joins and instantly dies before I can catch up.
    - 0 loot and 0 drops for me.

    At first I though, meh... must be a one off unlucky situation... I just got unlucky, but there is seriously a broken mechanic when you can put in full effort the entire rift only to walk away as if there was no guardian at all due to him not dropping a single thing.

    Please fix this broken mechanic as it is starting to really anger me.
  • I can definitely sympathize with you in this situation, and I agree that it stinks when you miss out on a bosses loot while actively participating. I'll be sure to bring this up, but I'd like to know a little more about it. So, here's a few questions for all of you. :)

    Have you ever missed out on Rift Guardian loot while you're in a rift?What were you doing when it happened?How often has this happened to you?