I was right!! Diablo Dead after 1 month Boa's kill...

  • I told you guys and made many thread with the other loyal Diablo fans. Not even 1 month after release of RoS this game has died faster then a snowman in a volcano. This game requires the true Diablo aspects of the game to be incorporated. This game has no longevity built in and still isn't a Diablo game.

    Things that need to happen ASAP:

    1- We need Trading. This game requires it. It is mathematically impossible to not have trading in this game with Diablo loot tables. Also its a signature aspect true to the Diablo franchise.

    2- PvP. We all know that Trading and PvP = "End Game" So its obvious what must be done.

    3- Custom games. Why so we can make Trading and PvP games or create whatever awesome social user friendly game we want.

    4- Ladders. Of course only if 1-3 gets accomplished. This in the end increases the fun and longevity some with a different ladder bracket. Although there is 0 point to have a ladder season if there is NO PvP or Trading. Which is why 1-3 have to be accomplished first.
  • Thanks for the feedback, Abomb247. :) I'm going to lock this thread up, though, since it's turned into a lot of name-calling and "no you" type comments, which isn't great or really appropriate for these forums. Please feel free to share your feedback with us any time; all that we ask is that you keep it constructive (note that constructive != positive; criticisms are also welcomed).