Enchanting is a Joke. No Socket on ENchant!!!!!

  • How many bloody Layers of so called RNG are we meant to battle ffs. I am so sick of burning 30-50 souls all to find I still dont get a bloody Socket on my Weapon or armor. THis is absolute BS BLizzard. Isnt it bad enough we have to win so many hands of your so called BS Rng. Its not RNG though is it ITs completely Fking ppl over with there Enchanting.. You stealth nerf every thing. all the drops. All of kadala has been stealth nerfed already. I can tell when she is screwed again 500 shards for nothing this time.

    It takes ages to amass some Forgotten souls especially if you get screwed over with loot and drops or just souls in general. There has to be a line drawn So many ppl are quitting over your Failed In place crappy systems its not funny anymore. Stop trying to Blame it on all RNG Rng well guess what. RNG is what loot drops and if someone gets something for there time. Your crafting system is a [email protected]#$ing joke and so is your enchanting system. Im fed up with this BS shoved down the community.

    let us pick what bloody affix we want to use, Im getting 2 x vit rolls 2 x int rolls 2 x damage rolls 2 x vitality rolls etc etc. I never see a bloody socket..... Either do that or at least give us the option to spend more deaths breath instead of a soul....
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