LOL @ Moderators locking all negative feedback threads

  • Games bad

    Admit your going in the wrong direction "Again"

    Revert nerfs and bring patch / content

    Make the game fun not boring

    Remove account bound idea

    Allow same gear for followers on all characters

    Give more stash space or allow us to buy more

    Go head and lock the thread / delete it like you have done with all the other negative threads because you can't face the truth you need to hide it
  • LOL @ Moderators locking all negative feedback threads

    Confirmation bias like whoa! I've locked two threads today, maybe three. :) In general, we prefer to keep threads active (even if we don't post in them), provided that the discussion within the thread remains constructive. Fo' reals.

    There's no harm in players sharing their concerns or thoughts in these forums; that's in part what they're here for. The only thing we ask of said players is that their complaints and criticisms are voiced respectively and constructively, towards each other and towards Blizzard employees as well. We certainly don't mind the feedback (and, in most situations, openly welcome it), but we do mind harassment, trolling, spamming, and derogatory remarks -- i.e. things that don't serve to build a community, but instead work to tear it down.