What did you do to my Blade of Prophecy?

  • Yesterday when My condemn hits monster A,B,C,D,E then each of monster A,B,C,D,E will "cast" condemn. I just log in now and find out that the additional condemn are limited to 2 explosion.

    What did you do?

    Edit : The end of the story - Instead fixing the procs to do as the tooltip says, Blizzard will fix the tooltip in the future patch. The Blade of Prophecy can only procs two additional condemn.

  • Hey all. Happy Easter (to those who celebrate it), and happy weekend to everyone else. :)

    I've passed along your reports to our QA team (to see if what you're describing is a possible bug) and our developers (to see if what you're describing was an intended change that just didn't get passed along to our team), as well to verify what exactly is functioning differently with the Blade of Prophecy (if anything at all, since it's possible the item hasn't actually changed in the last few days). I'm not sure I'll be able to find out this information today, since most folks don't begin their shifts until Monday, but hopefully we'll be able to provide some clarity soon. Apologies for any confusion, and thanks for your reports. Hope you all enjoy the rest of your Sunday!
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    please Lylirra , please for the love of everything thats holy pass along a message stating how much of a horrific state whirlwind for barbarians is , lightning just cannot do any damage

    Happy to pass on the feedback, but pretty sure Nevalistis already beat me to it. I know she documented quite a bit of feedback from the discussion she was keeping an eye on here: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/12506571517?page=9#178

    Posted by Delkerramak

    The whole reason for the uproar about this (and as per your response I know you didnt glean this) is because the proc coefficients on abilities such as Whirlwind (13% coeff), which also does laughable damage by itself, don't permit build diversity because you actually get more AoE damage from skills//procs by using Single Target abilities that have nearly 100% proc coefficients.

    We haven't yet completed a full tuning pass after the launch of Reaper of Souls. While we started with a few changes to some generators and single-target skills with the 2.0.4 patch, that doesn't mean we're done with evaluating all the classes and their skills.

    While I don't have exact details to share at this moment, tuning and balancing is something always being discussed amongst our developers. I'm certainly happy to carry back feedback on skills that you (or others) feel need another look, but that would be a separate case entirely from the bug fixes for Shard of Hate. A bugged weapon shouldn't be a solution to an issue with a skill - if Whirlwind or other skills need to be re-evaluated, then that should be a separate (if related) discussion, and I can certainly pass that on!

    Note that the tuning pass she's referencing refers to the reevaluation we always do after a game is launched (or a big patch has been released). We do a tuning pass before we ship and then after; this post-ship pass is to account for the wider net of data we get once the game has been played by a larger audience of players.
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    It IS Monday. Stop living in the past.

    I'll get right on that, future man. Tomorrow. :P
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    Cmon. Lyra. We have all lost faith so much. We literally have zero hope left...

    Not sure if you realized, but the comment you quoted was in response to a joke (about the fact that it's already Monday in some regions and that us Irvine folk should catch up). :) As noted in the original post, the information has already been passed on. Since it's the weekend in North America right now, as well as a holiday, I likely just won't be able to follow up again until we hit our normal office hours in the states.
  • Alright, folks. Here's the follow up:

    • Blade of Prophecy currently only procs two extra explosions of Condemn, regardless of how many targets are Condemned while the weapon is equipped.
    • This is intended functionality of the weapon, and has been since it was implemented. (This is really what I wanted to confirm.)
    • No changes have been made to Blade of Prophecy since RoS shipped, and no known bugs are currently active with the weapon.

    Just as an FYI, I've already passed along the feedback regarding BoP's tooltip and the relevant secondary affix being somewhat misleading/confusing. :)
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    Looks at tooltip, looks at this statement.

    Big explosions in brain at the cognitive dissonance.

    When I passed along the feedback from earlier posts in this thread to the dev team, they'd agreed with the posts that the description is confusing and not really representative of the behavior of the proc, so it's something they'd like to fix and just make much more clear to players. Since it's a text change (and therefore hitting client side data), it's not something we can hotfix, but we are looking to tackle with a future patch.