I told u so ;)

  • First I havent bought RoS and I probably never will.

    Myself and many other experienced players told, no screamed at blizz/community that RoS isnt gonne cut it. The general gameplay flaws had stayed and new ones added. The whole awsome loot experience will only last a few weeks(I was optimistic).

    Then we got the ps4 announcements to drag the cashcow further along.

    Long story short: People are still whining about loot even with the ah gone, there is still no engame in sight and u throw another 40$ at a company who couldent care less about their customers.

    Only positiv thing they only found 2.7kk [Insert] who actully bought that[Insert] ;)
  • Going to go ahead and lock this one up. While there is some great feedback here to pull from in the replies, simply creating a post to say "I told you so" isn't exactly constructive. Please feel free to recreate this topic if you'd like, FressZelle; just try to make it an open discussion rather than a (somewhat hostile) statement. :)