Onto greener pastures

  • I've finally found a dungeon crawling rpg that peaks my interest. Torchlight had a weekend free to play on steam and it just wasn't right. The dialogue and art scheme was just too cartoonish. Path of exile has a talent tree that looks like opening up an elder scrolls map. Just. Hell. No. But grim dawn is really looking like the place to go.

    I've already bought my ticket into the alpha. So instead of waiting for the next blizzard attempt to reel me back into this RNG fest, I'm moving onto something that be so much more enjoyable for my time invested to it. My only hope it that the rarest of items by whatever name they are called have set stats that make it worth trying to aquire them. Good luck with your shards of disappointment and Mirrornerfs. After RNG 2.0 I have already decided I will not buy the next expansion regardless of what they try and sell us. Go look back and the reveal trailers for D3. Those videos have content that still isn't in the game. 6 legendaries running all of A3? Blizzard's marketing team is so full of crap.
  • Good luck in your gaming endeavors, Montresor, and thanks for being a part of this community. We hope to see back in Sanctuary sometime soon, though. :)