Official updates on crashing, freezing issues

  • Can someone who's affiliated with Blizzard give us regular updates on what's being done to address these problems?
  • For the next patch, we have reduced our memory usage even more than in 2.0.4
    For 2.0.4, the work that was done reduced our number of crashes related to the memory issue by 70%.
    With the next patch, we hope to reduce it enough to be insignificant.

    If the next patch still doesn't make the problem disappear more work will be done.

    We do not give ETAs since the release dates change a lot.
  • 04/19/2014 02:03 PMPosted by MysticalOS

    Will the reduced memory usage have an affect on performance? Such as maybe you reduced asset caching and a result would be less crashing but more frequent stutter do to increased cycling of assets?

    This is a major concern and a lot of testing was done to ensure we do not stutter more.
    If you guys experience a lot of stutter after the next patch, we have a backup plan.

    There's no 64 bits version on Mac because there's no 64 bits version on Windows.
    We just don't have the man power to support it on Mac only.