My first feedback post.

  • Well Blizz, I need to first give you props. I know many people that play this game think you do not care about the players. I was extremely disappointed when D3 first came out. Loot 2.0 and RoS completely changed that for me. I was a die-hard D2 player, and I finally appreciate the work you have put into D3 RoS and give you props for making a great product with (for me) tons of replay ability.


    Some of the things that I think need fixed:

    1. Legendary drop rates. Here's my take though: Increase the legendary drop rate much higher for higher torment levels. I am one of those players that consistently farm T2 because of the efficiency. However, I would LOVE to play T5-6, but it just isn't worth my time. I would rather have the challenge, but I cannot kill fast enough to get any amount of legendaries to drop. I know about the slider (obviously), but the drop rate needs to be much much higher for the higher torment levels. My idea of a good legendary drop rate is 3-6 per hour.

    2. Follower inventory needs to be account-wide. Someone mentioned this in another thread and I completely agree.

    3. Followers need to have the same res timer as us. Again, this is something that was mentioned in another thread.

    I have more, but cannot think of them right now. I seriously think you have a great product. I am not one of those people that build their gear around a bugged spec, to only be disappointed and angry when you fix said bug. I play to enjoy the game, and I am certainly doing that. However, there are some more things you could do to keep your fanbase.
  • Thank you for taking the time to write up this well constructed and easy to digest feedback. Those are certainly no requirements for us to read feedback, but it definitely helps. These are all points that I already have in my feedback summary for our developers for the week, but that's just a testament to how important (and popular) some of these issues are for the community. Thanks again, and keep having fun hunting in Sanctuary.