Be careful with the succubus boss in rift.

  • If you play T2+, be careful when you fight this boss even if you have high toughness. One of my crusader friend got one shotted on T3 and he had around 8 mil unbuff toughness. My health went down to 10% with 15 mil toughness without knowing what happened. It could one shot you, if you don't pay attention. I'm not sure what killed him, but it looked like this boss make dark spots on the ground that deal alot of dmg.
  • 04/17/2014 09:31 AMPosted by ec2012
    50% armor reduction from succubus is huge....I kill them first and fast every time i run into them

    This is why I always fear the succubus when I'm playing hardcore. In a pack by themselves it's not a problem, but when are they ever by themselves?

    Thanks for the PSA about this Rift Guardian. It's definitely something to keep in mind as you approach the end of your Nephalem Rifts. Some of those bosses are more dangerous than others, and I had a feeling this one had the potential to be a real monster the first time I fought her.