Why are my drops so bad? Why are my clans so good?

  • Why are my drops so bad?

    Why does it seem there are choosen few who get all the good loot?

    Do cach runs for ring of grandure, i get squat while my clan mate who already has one, gets another.

    So much fun watching everyone get the goods while i sit on the side line not getting anything.

    As usual.

    Am i complaining? Yes, Yes i am.

    SoLets hope that things get better. I've been playing every day still.

    Not as much, bust still 2-3 hours.
    Nothing good dropped.
  • It can be a little rough if there's a particular item you're keeping an eye out for. Grimiku and I were having this discussion earlier, as he's having a bit of trouble acquiring a weapon, while it felt for me as though I'd only ever see sets of shoulders.

    The nature of a game based off of randomized results is that you are, to an extent, at the mercy of Lady Luck. We've added some features with Loot 2.0 and Reaper of Souls to mitigate this a bit, such as Smart Loot reducing the number of items you're unable to utilize, Kadala allowing you to target specific item slots, and the Mystic allowing you some control over that item that would be perfect if only it rolled that one missing stat.

    Randomness is a core aspect of the Diablo series, and one we wish to preserve. However, we have made an effort to put some of that control in your hands, though there is a careful line to tread in order to avoid eliminating the journey altogether.