Lol, Yall are entitled brats.

  • There I said it. Someone had to say it. Just because you arn't having fun with the game (whether it be you arn't getting the items you want, no trading, just don't like the gameplay, etc.) does not mean its the companies job to alter it/refund it because it does not fit YOUR preference. If you decided to buy the game, thats your own damn fault. Nobody forced you to buy the game and nobody is forcing you to keep playing. Whats even more funny is most of you who are whining are people who have already spent HUNDREDS of hours on the game already. Whether you had fun or not in those hundreds of hours is not the companies problem. Its your problem. Don't like the game? Then stop playing and make your own game. That simple.

    When you go watch a movie, and don't like the movie, are you entitled to get a refund or have the producers alter it? No. Same goes to computer games.
  • I've said this before, I think it bears repeating.

    There's no harm in players sharing their concerns or thoughts in these forums; that's in part what they're here for. The only thing we ask of said players is that their complaints and criticisms are voiced respectively and constructively, towards each other and towards Blizzard employees as well. We certainly don't mind the feedback (and, in most situations, openly welcome it), but we do mind harassment, trolling, spamming, and derogatory remarks -- i.e. things that don't serve to build a community, but instead work to tear it down.

    Similarly, it's okay to disagree with those who have complaints. If you wish to voice your disagreements, though, please try to be civil about it. Address the complaint itself, not its author. :)