• Please look at how the SoH was and consider beefing up other weapons, the game was fun, the weapon felt legendary (like you guys told us you wanted the legendaries to feel). the WW proc for SoH is very little (i spend 150 fury for 2 procs).

    Make the legendary weapons actually feel legendary like you guys told us!

    i have been playing non stop since the release of RoS, and i can tell you first hand, that there are only 3-4 legendaries i care about (and SoH is out now). Plus, 2-H weapons are trash... maybe beefing up the average damage?

    I remember watching youtube videos of the beta, and some weapons used to have up to 4k average DPS.

    Please respond. Regards
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    23/08/2011 14:22Posted by Zhydaris
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