Shard of hate on ww barb. Question to dev-s.

  • This weapon makes ww completely overwhelming.
    No other build can compete with that monster.
    I was just wondering if it was your intention to make this weapon so overpower?
    Because you know, using avalanche over ww now would be twice worser speed wise.

  • 15/04/2014 11:16Posted by amoonfaber
    I was just wondering if it was your intention to make this weapon so overpower?

    No, it wasn't! We have recently discovered two bugs with the weapon that made it considerably more powerful than intended. These are going to be addressed via hotfixes and our resident Death Maiden Nevalistis shared more details here.

    Quoting her post below for your convenience:


    As with other recent hotfixes, we’ve got one coming up shortly that we wanted to give the community a heads up about, this time regarding the legendary Shard of Hate. We’ve been closely observing our internal reports as well as player feedback on the Shard of Hate and the general consensus is that this item feels wildly out of line compared to other items. After digging in behind the scenes, we discovered a couple of bugs with this item that we believe is the ultimate culprit.

    First, the internal cooldown of this item’s power was being reset each time a dual-wielding character attacked with a weapon in their other hand. This meant the effect was occurring twice as often for dual-wielding characters, and with particular skills such as Whirlwind or Tempest Rush that also carry attack speed multipliers, this effect was even more frequent.

    Secondly, the proc rate of the item was ignoring the proc scalar of the skill it was used with, which in simple terms caused Shard of Hate’s affix to apply every time a skill was used. Combined with the above issue, this resulted in this Legendary vastly over performing, and even more so with particular builds.

    The hotfixes we’re applying correct both of these unintended behaviors and have been added to our 2.0.4 Hotfixes thread. As with all major changes, we hope to provide insight as to why we felt these changes were necessary as well as give context to the decisions we ultimately make.
  • 16/04/2014 09:57Posted by Turha
    Not yet, they were only added to the 2.0.4 hotfixes thread.

    Right, thank you - post updated! Clearly, more coffee is needed.