Feedback/criticism (+end of gamers, rise of customers)

  • Hi everyone! (edited +new 10th topic)

    Making this thread after almost a month now with D3 after a comeback. There are many positive things You can say about D3/RoS. In short - it's a great game! But some directions Blizzard taken are at least questionable. And a LOT of them in my opinion are because most ppl nowadays think about themself as "customers" not gamers.

    We bought this game and we DEMAND... if not sorry blizzard I'm not gona buy Your next games. We want more drop, we want easier game, we want to spend less time to achieve more! I played 4 rifts and no legendaries... it's an outrage! Blizzard do something about it! What!? crafting is so expensive? Common Blizzard i don't have time to farm it all and have gold! And i payed good money for this game! (ring any bells?)


    Ok end of this lil rant. Now fore some things that IMHO should be added and/or changed to actually make this game even better than it's today:

    1) idea that 70 lvl characters can farm normal level game to achieve almost same as playing on t6 (especially with bounties) is so bad that i don't even believe it's not considered as a bug! It kills the whole point of challenge/reward system. And there is simple solution for it : after reaching lvl70 You character chance to find legend. on normal becomes (for ex.) like 10% of current drop rate, on hard it's 20% etc.

    2) crafting as for now is basically dead. Why? When You start from scratch You don't have materials usually to craft good items so You farm for them. And with UBER constant loot You are getting nowadays You will get items from mobs quicker and more efficiently then from crafting. If You already high level player crafting is pointless too. Crafting leg/sets are just too "casual" and meh and with all rifts and shards boost guess what it's easier/more fun to get Your gear.

    3) secondary affixes are a joke now. Just few legendaries have actually smth cool there. But most feel like "ok let's just trow anything there and we good to go"

    4) no end game - it would be nice to actually have a place to use all this cool gear. Uber bosses are nice but reward for actually getting to them is few min fight with poor reward making it not worth your time/effort (plus in the end they aren't that uber, except maybe diablo)

    5) bounties are great ideas but need more different things to do there. They become to repetitive after just few days.

    6) game has no penalty for dying! Yes, even softcore should make death at least kind of annoying! Without it there is no penalty for playing bad. Challenge is a good not a bad thing! And there are tons of ideas how to make this happen. Losing more gold? Sure! Maybe no insta respawn at Your corps? Would be nice! etc. But i already see casual Timmy crying on forum about this.

    7) loot...ah loot - amount of items from grey to gold dropping is soooo big it's not funny anymore. Why? Because they are (rares only) vendor/gold procedure. You don't even (later in the game) check their stats. Blizzard created a system where blue items are totally not needed even on early stages (not mentioning even grey/white ones). So basically game could drop 90% of time rocks and would be same experience....

    8) bosses - as for now they boring and not challenging (with exception of mathael). You are more scared of elites groups then diablo itself... #fail. They need some love and changes! (even Diablo makes his puppy eyes and begs for it! ^_^ )

    9) tooltip info should change with items/skill to show actual state not the basic one. It's a small change but much needed from what ive seen on forum.

    10) 2H weapons are actually equal to forgotten soul when dropping except to one class which is crusader. I don't know if it's possible to balance it. They need buff to match 1H+ofhand stats but then probably they would be OP for crusaders. If it can't be balanced they just shouldn't drop for other classes as class specific items.

    In end, don't constantly nerf the game. Yes making it's easier it's actually nerfing the experience. More drops, experience, loot, mats, dps etc doesn't always make things better. It just make people who cares get bored with Your game faster.

    Just take as a great example Dark Souls series. It's hard, it's frustrating, it's punishing You and ... it's one of the best games recent'y created in it's genre~!

  • I really disagree with the “standard whine” comment because this is actually pretty decent feedback. Many of the points listed here have been brought up in other threads, too, and you can be sure that your feedback is being read and passed on to our designers.

    Since you’ve obviously invested some time to write down your thoughts and share them with us – which is something we don’t take for granted and truly appreciate! – I wanted to take your post as an example and elaborate on why this is “pretty decent” feedback, and what would make it even better.

    To start off with the positive, it is very good that you don’t resort simply list things you don’t like and call for fixes but instead let us know why you feel this way. This really helps us understand where you’re coming from and gives us a lot of insight we can add when relaying feedback. Generally speaking, “This is bad” or “This is good” is not good feedback because it doesn’t tell us why you feel something is problematic or what is causing your distaste. Telling us why you feel one way or the other gives us a lot more to work with.

    However, it is unfortunate that you’ve resorted to hyperbole when listing your concerns. Strong, absolute statements such as “This is so bad I can’t even believe this is not considered a bug!” or “This is a joke!” are unnecessary to catch our attention. Even worse, they send the subliminal message that you yourself don’t believe in the quality of your feedback, hence the sensationalist tactics. This style, which we see quite often, distracts from the essence of a post and polarizes the discussion, which usually means the thread devolves into a far less constructive conversation than it could have been.

    To sum it up: Thank you (and everybody who are sharing their thoughts in a constructive manner, really!) for your feedback! Please keep it level-headed and constructive so both you and us can get the most from it, and never feel compelled to diminish your efforts by resorting to hyperbole and sensationalism. <3