Hotfix to Legendary Items drop

  • BluePost

    I do not understand what a hotfix was, but it got worse:
    Group x4man, 12hours T3 T4 T5.
    Total items fell 65 - 67. (66:4): 12h = ~ 1leg/h

    Somehow not so long ago you wrote. What if you long loot drops, it will fall more likely for 1 hour.
    Everything you write Blizzard, +100% drop rate, +10,000% drop. It all boils down to the fact that 1 legendary item drop / hour.

    (0.01 х 100%) = 0.02%.... It does not fix the problem.

    The situation does not change. Above statistics Drop same time. Every day 10-16 hours of running in a group. Number of loot does not change. It all boils down to the fact that 1 leg per hour. What to buff - after the same thing.
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