Daily Reminder What D3 doesn't have.

  • >no socket quest
    >no imbue quest
    >no skill points, no skill trees
    >no trade system
    >no ladders
    >no personalize item quest
    >no skulls, no sapphire gems
    >no charms
    >no jewels
    >no rune drops
    >no more Cain
    >no belt slots
    >no LAN, no offline play, no mods allowed
    >no custom named public games, no lobby
    >no alternate weapon or shield slot
    >no eight player co-op
    >no Followers in co-op or PVP
    >no Countess runs, no Forge runs
    >no pentagrams
    >no Runewords
    >no ethereal base items
    >no good base items
    >no end game magic items
    >no end game vendor items
    >no end game rare drops
    >no identifying magics or rares
    >no hit recovery, block rate, cast rate, attack rating
    >no "hardcore" pvp, no body drops
    >no title per difficulty defeated
    >no moving with map open, no hiding minimap
    >no individual or original player or account names
    >no Dclone, no world event
    >no monster immune/resistance system
    >no body retrieval, no exp loss, free resurrect
    >no incentive to play solo
    >no crafting wherever you want
    >no consquences for shrines, no gem shrine
    >no ignorelist
    >no total players online
    >no shapeshifting
    >no summoning or exploding corpses
    >no run/walk system, no audible footsteps
    >no map complexity
    >no incentive to level alts
    >no inventory tetris
    >no upgrade system
    >no enchant skill
    >no instant cast TP, no tomes & scrolls
    >no more than 3 sockets max
    >no Horadric cube
    >no throwing items
    >no equipping two of same unique weapon or ring
    >no good secret level, pony level an insult to Diablo fans
    >no good music, no iconic tracks
    >no good story
    >no gear requirements
    >no sense of speed
    >no class changing uniques
    >no dropping gold
    >no more than 5 skills at a time
    >no stepping out of town
    >no treasure class system
    >no lifesteal, no magic find
    >no hostile system, no killing bots, no ears, no team PVP; carebear brawling
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